Monday, June 7, 2010

First Day at School (Harishree)

Today was teh first day at school for Ahana at Harishree. Though this is not the first school in the real sense as she's already been to play school (Eurokids) and Pre Kg (Bambino) earlier - however, this is the LKG and if goes well she will continue her schooling here (unless we move city)

I was planning for this since last night. So, didnt make her sleep in teh afternoon (and went for a walk instead-it was a nice walk on Gandhinagar 4th main after the rains, with her walking shoes. She enjoyed as she kept on chatting all the way). I fed her dinner by 8pm and she was fast asleep by 9.30pm. Thank God!

Morning, she woke up fresh at 8 am, brushed, had checken nuggets (its unusual for her to eat b'fast at 8.30am. Hence, i offered nuggets which is her fav) and then off we drove.

At school, the classroom was nice and she was very comfortable. She picked up tortoise puzzle and then the beads and kept working on it while teacher explained to us, the whole plan.

We were there for about one and a half hours (9.15 to 10.30am) and came back home. She started cribbing about my going to office right from the moment we boarded the car (too smart) but I managed after spending some time at home. Overall, good and everything was smooth. Tomorrow is another day!