Thursday, November 11, 2010

Will she be Creative ?

I had been thinking about this question since sometime. Ashim feels (and sometimes worries) that Ahana will be good in fine arts (and may be poor in Academics). For sure, Ahana loves music, singing and dancing. Jury is still out on whether she loves to draw or not. She hates crayons and filling colours in her drawings. She loves stories too and she can sit for hours of we read to her.

One day, recently, I was pleasantly surprised to see her reading a story outloud in broken English (she is too young to do so at 4 years and barely knows her alphabets). I tried to capture in the camera but she was too conscious. This is how she read (perfect with the voice modulation - it was 30 seconds of utter pleasure for me and ashim to witness this)

"Once upon a time there was a chickoo monkey. One day a man came and sat under the branches of the tree. Suddenly, (her fav word during story time)monkey saw the uncle with a cap...etc. etc..

Today, another incident happened on the same lines (that's the trigger of this post. As we were lying down in bed post dinner (actually was trying hard to put her to sleep). She started saying ...

"Two eyes to see, two ears to hear, one lips to eat, two cheeks to (pause)...make my face, one tummy to put my rice from mouth to tummy, two legs to walk, hop and jump and roller skate, two knees to bend my legs, one nose to smell, teeth to chew, tongue to taste". I thought she would have learnt this in school but when I asked she denied. I always confirm by saying - should I ask the teacher tomorrow ? and I was glad to hear "yes" (Yes, if she is not bluffing - No, if she is).

I am enjoying to see her grow up. Thank God for bringing her into our lives

Saturday, September 18, 2010

'Independent' Phase

I am writing this post after a long gap. Too caught up with office and mundane stuff. I hope to write at least in weekends now as I can see that my girl is growing up fast and I will hardly have any documented memories of her...

Ahana is in that phase now where she likes to do everything herself. I am getting the sense that I am keeping her too protected and slowly letting her go. She is now allowed to 1) brush her teeth b) wash her hands/mouth after food. She does not like to eat herself though and I am waiting to reach that stage. She eats finger food etc but not her meal.

She also loves to tell the stories to her mama and papa. I really love the way she turns the pages and narrates the stories (the one we would have told her earlier)in English and how she immediately switches to Nepali where she gets stuck. Hope I can put her story teling video here soon.

She is an amazing child, am so proud of her and I thank God everytime I marvel at her ways.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Deworming - 2

We had been to Orrisa, my in laws place during August this year. Ahana complained of tummy ache. I had carried Zentel (Doc had said we can give her as she has not had this for more than a year now. Had actually decided to give it to her post this trip) and I immediately gave it to her. She had teh full dose without complain (Thank God).