Saturday, September 18, 2010

'Independent' Phase

I am writing this post after a long gap. Too caught up with office and mundane stuff. I hope to write at least in weekends now as I can see that my girl is growing up fast and I will hardly have any documented memories of her...

Ahana is in that phase now where she likes to do everything herself. I am getting the sense that I am keeping her too protected and slowly letting her go. She is now allowed to 1) brush her teeth b) wash her hands/mouth after food. She does not like to eat herself though and I am waiting to reach that stage. She eats finger food etc but not her meal.

She also loves to tell the stories to her mama and papa. I really love the way she turns the pages and narrates the stories (the one we would have told her earlier)in English and how she immediately switches to Nepali where she gets stuck. Hope I can put her story teling video here soon.

She is an amazing child, am so proud of her and I thank God everytime I marvel at her ways.

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