Sunday, June 28, 2009

Height, Weight Obsession

27th June 2009

Today, we had to go to the doc for the booster dose of Hepatitis B for Anna. I was very excited because I was dying to get her height and weight checked.

Ashim, Anna and self headed for the clinic at about 11.30 am. We got appointment for 12.30. When we reached, there were more than 10 kids before us. So, we had to wait, which also meant Anna is likely to be bored. However, Anna was very active and excited. She was running about the place. She also had 3 large biscuits (digestive) on her own (Thank God) while waiting…

We got her height and weight checked and boy ! I was thrilled to see that she weighed 14.4 kg and was 93.7 cm tall. This was wee bit higher than the ideal one mentioned in my vaccination chart. Therefore, I decided to make a chart today to record this big achievement. Here they are.

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