Monday, April 13, 2009

Music And Kids

I had been thinking about writing on this topic since I started this blog and finally got to do so.
Both me and Ashim (hubby) have a deep association with music. We met because of music ! (am not going to reveal more than that....). So, it was quite obvious that we want our kid to grow up with a lot of encouragement to appreciate and enjoy music.
I had heard/read that babies can enjoy music from a very early stage (even while they are in the womb..). When Anna was barely 5-6 months old, I started playing rhyme CD while putting her to sleep. So, it became a part of the daily routine to bathe her and play the music to send the message that it is sleep time now. She started doing exactly what I wanted - the moment music was played (same CD everyday - Nursery Rhymes by Preeti Sagar Vol. 1 and 2), she began to get into sleep mode and dozed off. She was so addicted that I had to carry the CD everywhere we went (out of station) as she used to ask for it.
This idea struck me accidentally and I will tell you how. I used to sing some hymns/songs that I liked while putting her to sleep every night. One day, I was so tired and my voice was almost cracking...too tired of singing (and she seemed too fresh to sleep despite all my efforts!) - I suddenly thought I can play the CD. I tried and it worked. That's how I discovered this great idea. This has helped her learn new words, songs and I am so proud when she rattles off some rhymes so effortlessly even now. First rhyme she recited was "Twinkle twinkle" and her other favourites are Ding Dong Bell, Ba ba black sheep, piggy on the.., ABCD...
Today, two years later, she still listens to the music. But, a different kind. Slowly I discovered that she is ok to hear other regular music (Meenakshi, Lobo, Country). She used to even repeat some of the lines from the songs....I am glad she is open to a variety.
The other day, I made her listed to my ipod. She loved Ella Fitzerald's Tisket-a-tasket, Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday, Aqua'a Barbie Doll (I hate this song and am not going to make her listen to this one unless she asks for it...)
I think, we should make opportunities to make music listening an interesting activity for the kid. If we just play it all the time - they may completely ignore.
I have not tried playing her CDs in the car as I dont want her to know that we can actually play her rhyme CDs there too lest we end up listening to only 'Ba Ba black sheep' or 'I am a barbie girl....'
We are going on a short holiday to Pondicherry this weekend (18th April) and I am thinking of copying decent music she likes (Summer Holiday....) and play in the car. But, am still not sure....

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