Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Annual Day

I never thought that even tiny toddlers had something called an Annual Day at school. This was scheduled for 3rd April 2009, Friday. They told me that Anna is participating in a ‘Monkey Dance’. We were to arrange for the costume (Monkey costume with the tail and without face!!) ourselves and that put me under stress. Never got into such an activity before….

Finally, Ritu (Ahana’s classmate Utkarsh;s mom and my friend) and I decided to get this together and be done and over with. We drove all the way to Vadapalani and after some waiting at the shop got the dresses booked.

Annul Day is finally here and we were so excited. Ritu and I decided to make it a little special day for the kids So planned to have lunch together at her place, dress them together and go from her place. I took half day off from work and came to Ritu’s house. Sadly, Anna was a little cranky and upset throughout. The AC in the hall was not so good (or may be too many people…) she was cranky and was clinging to me. She didn’t even want to go to Ashim.

When they announced her name for Monkey dance, I took her up and in the midst of kids who were crying (Aryan, Saadhya) I was so scared that she too will start crying. But, she didn’t and I am sooooooooo happy that she did all the actions. In fact she was he only one who was doing all the actions throughout the song. Utkarsh too was doing his actions very well.

[***************Photos and videos coming soon************]

"The Class of 2008-09"

"Ahana (extreme right) and Utkarsh (extreme left)"

"Ahana in a Monkey Action"
I will never forget how Ritu and I stood right in front of the stage doing all the actions in gay abandon not bothered about what other people who were seated behind might think…It was one hell of an experience…

The school made them feel so special with a trophy and a graduation certificate and all the goodies. They really take care…We will miss you Eurokids (http://www.eurokidsindia.com/)

On the way back, again Ritu insisted that we buy a cake to celebrate their passing out. Had a blast at Ritu’s with nice dinner and a good time. A dayto remember....

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