Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anna Misses Me A Lot

For the last 3 months (since my old maid Maya has left), I am practically working half day. I drop Anna to school at 12 noon, then go to office and be back home by about 7 p.m (average). She gets picked up by my maid at 2pm and then it is the normal routine of freshening up, lunch, a trip to the terrace, snacking and bathing in the evening before I reach home in the evening.

Last week, my driver told me that after they reached back home from school, she refused to get down from the car - said that he should drop my maid at home and take her to Vanilla (Children play centre which we visit sometimes on weekends) and to Citi Centre (Mall). He had to take her for a short drive and then drop her home. I was a little sad to hear this, as I felt that this is a confirmation of what I always feel guilty about - of being a working mom.

Last night, another incident happened which has been haunting me since. I get so little time with her (7-9.30/10 p.m usually) that I have decided to hold her and put her to sleep in my arms every night. I know that it may not be a good habit to encourage her to be carried and put to sleep but I feel very good to hold her so close and make her sleep in my arms.
Normal sleep routine goes like this - 1. play her rhyme CD (which I am using since she was barely 6 months old and it did help her to learn the rhymes) 2. ac on 3. big light out, small lamp on. Y'day we were playing Lobo and both of us were really holding each other very closely and was quiet for 15 minutes just enjoying the moment. Suddenly, she told me - "mama timi chha bhane malai kasto ramro lagchha ni hau" or "mama, when you are there I feel so good". It touched the most sensitive part of my heart. I wept.

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