Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Years...

I started this blog very late when Ahana (Anna @ home) was already 2 and a half years old. However, I used to maintain a diary especially to record her big milestones. So, my initial posts are copies from my diary.....

Here is a little intro to my daughter -
This angel came into our lives on 10th July 2006 at Chennai and changed our lives completely. Now, everythig revolves around her. Read on for the details...

Tuesday, November 21st 2006
Today, Anna started turning over on her stomach. I awoke only at 9 am and heard her cooing in her crib. I was happy as well as a little scared (just in case she was on her stomach for too long) to see her sleeping on her tummy and trying to raise her head.

Thereafter, she started doing this often through the day. Realized my baby is growing big. Finally. And with it comes the increased responsibility. No leaving her alone to make her formula. She slept early at 11 p.m


  1. Thanks for stopping by and your comment.

    She has changed now and no more as chubby as she looks here. But, she is growing fine.