Monday, March 16, 2009

Real Inspiration Behind This Blog

It is for the first time today that I am writing the events in this blog on the same date.

Till yesterday, I was uploading my older content and was awake till 2 am trying to get my layouts right and getting photos uploaded.

Today, I didnt send Anna to shool as my driver was on leave. Too much hassle to drop her/pick her up. After all, she's only in play school and all the right to bunk now ! (that's how I console myself everytime I dont send her to school for petty reasons like this)

To come to the topic - I wanted to record this little secret here. The real reason for my effort in creating this blog.

Last Friday, I was browsing the net with the key search words "Toddler Deworming" as I wanted to know whether to deworm Anna or not. I could not find this in my usual reference books that I have at my bedside table (What to Expect the Toddler Years) - I got this link to a beautiful blog of another toddler mom called . I found a very helpful tip on dewroming plus loved the way she had maintained the blog about her little daughter "Charlotte".
I told Ashim about it and he said that I could do the same. That led me to action and spend most of my weekend reading and orginizing this blog. I was so encouraged that I even took Anna's video (dancing) to be uploaded here y'day afternoon. Both of us went to the terrace, slept on the mat and looked at the sky and counted fluffy clouds. We came back downstairs to find ashim taking his afternoon nap. Both of us pushed him out of the bed and made him shoot this video of Anna dancing to a latest bollywood number "Massakalli" from the movie Delhi 6. Take a look...

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